Transformation Happens Here


Look at your life as a garden…full of things you have planted over the years. What starts out as seeds becomes something that nourishes you or takes life force from you. What thoughts, behaviors or habits have taken root and shown up in your life. Is there a common theme? What do you want to replace them with?

Some plants take root everywhere. The sooner you address the problem, the easier it is to clean up. The longer you wait the more they spread and become a part of your life. Look at your addictions. Do you see how rooted you are in certain behaviors or cravings?

Sometimes you can’t see the surface because of all the leaves and weeds covering the ground. So you take one step at a time:

  • Start by getting rid of what no longer serves you. Do this by clearing clutter in your home, yard or car. Clearing clutter clears energy.
  • Clear the clutter in your mind. Write whatever comes into your mind and let it go for the day. Now you have started to uncover the roots.


  • Write in a journal; first thing in the morning or last thing at night; one page to release and let go of unwanted thoughts and one to journal insights and encourage automatic writing.
  • Identify the roots so you can start focusing on letting go and releasing them. Many times one thought or behavior is part of a larger root system. Keep digging until you see the connections and the patterns created from long term growth.


In the garden, I discover I am not alone. Nature has an incredible life force that feeds me. When I am with her I hear and feel my female ancestors communicating with me. Showing me how to work with the earth, how to manifest with her and be full of my ‘self’. I feel complete and content. I know ‘why’ life is like a garden. The answers are all here…in the preparation of the soil, and planting of the seeds to create a bountiful harvest. We ARE Nature. What feeds her feeds us and vice versa.

You are not alone. We are all in this journey together. Say a prayer today to call upon your spirits guides, loved ones who have passed, Mother Nature, Father God, whomever it is for you that you want to help guide you in your journey. It is this relationship to self and God/Goddess that will guide you to your passion in life. You are a co-creator in your life. Take actions now to help you live a life you love…with passion.

As my Reiki master teacher Barbara Van Diest used to say, “The more shit you have had in your life the more fertilizer you have for a beautiful the garden.” Change your perspective and you will transform your life! I want you to live your life….when you are feeling down, remember that your life matters to me!