Distance Energy Healing & Space Clearing

Cost: $450

Distance Energy Healing & Space Clearing includes distance healing using Reiki level 2 and advanced Energy Clearing techniques. Learn to perform full-body treatments at a distance, clear emotional and mental energy in a treatment as well as clear energy in your spa and home. Reiki 2 has a profound effect on the well-being of you and your clients by bringing balance to the emotional self and body/mind connection. Some clients have reported that Reiki 2 has helped them to heal from depression. This is a powerful healing tool to add to your practice.

You will learn:

  • Your symbols to perform distance treatments on up to three people at a time *
  • Energy protection methods to clear unwanted energy in your space and objects
  • How to use the Reiki symbols in a hands-on treatment
  • How to clear negative emotional and mental aspects–including depression–that keep you stuck
  • Advanced Energy Clearing Techniques including:
    • Energy assessment techniques for your space
    • Energy clearing methods to use before, during and after treatments
    • Various energy clearing techniques including, scent, sound, gemstones, prayer and Reiki
  • Continued practice with Energy Healing treatments and methods for your business
  • Learn how to use gemstones as part of your healing treatment, including:
    • How to assess the energy of the Chakras
    • Techniques for selecting the best stones to create balance
    • How to place the stones on and around the body during a treatment