Advanced Energy Healing Retreat – 2 1/2-Day Hands-On Training & Tool Kit

Cost: $1500

Linda Bertaut shares her signature Energy Healing techniques in an advanced healing program that includes: Online Training with continued access in your private membership page, 2 1/2-Days of Hands-On Training for Estheticians, a complete Energy Healing tool kit with everything you need to perform energy healing treatments.

Learn to use your healing abilities to create energy healing treatments with long-lasting results for yourself and clients. Advanced Energy Healing was designed by an esthetician for estheticians to gain the confidence and techniques to provide energy healing facials, treatments and packages for clients.

Award-winning esthetician and Reiki master teacher Linda Bertaut takes the “woo woo” out of energy healing and provides the foundation for a successful energy healing business. If you want more meaning in your life, and work that provides deeper results for your clients, this course is for you.

“Fully loaded! Intensive, Loved it! So very informational with comprehensive info regarding not only Reiki, gemstones, how to use a pendulum and more. I loved Linda’s depth of knowledge and experience that she imparted on us. She has so much passion and knowledge about Reiki. My first experience with a Reiki class at a massage school – fell flat in comparison to Linda’s juicy teachings!”  Laura Edwards, Laura’s Skin Care & Make-Up, Carmichael, CA

Learn to Bring Inner Beauty to the Surface with Energy Healing Facials. See the results below for my model Julie, in the 2018 Skin Games competition in the Holistic Category. I will be teaching the techniques that created these results and more. Watch the 8 week transformation take place at this link:

Included in the price of the class, are all the energy healing tools you will need to perform the treatments you learn in Advanced Energy Healing. Including the Energy Healing Tool Kit, Hale & Hush skin care, gua sha tool, kansa wand, dry brush, gemstones for the face & body, gemstone cards, a pendulum, aromatherapy mood mists, and more.

Your training begins with INTRO TO ENERGY HEALING & ENERGY MEDICINES, online training where you learn the steps to heal and protect yourself energetically (see below for details). Your private membership page provides continued access to webinar recordings, a video library, MP3’s, workbook downloads and more. See below for details:



  • Understanding Energy and the Chakra system
  • Creating the Chakralicious Experience with conscious breath, meditation, intentional prayer, journaling and Reiki
  • Yin/Yang & the Energy Meridians
  • Learn the Meridian Reiki treatment
  • Demonstration and practice:
    • How to read energy
    • How to perform an Energy Make-Over
    • Practice using Energy Healing Tools
    • Learn hands-on healing positions for self and others
  • Receive and perform a Meridian Reiki treatment


  • Learn how to perform specialized Energy-Healing treatments that you can start using immediately in your practice. This will be the core of your package offerings. You will learn how to incorporate Reiki with the following:
    • Gemstone sculpting
    • How to use a gua-sha tool in facials
    • How to use Kansa Wands
    • How to dry brush the face, neck and decollete
    • The Reiki-Gemstone Facial – using gemstones on the body and face
  • Learn to incorporate Nature in your practice with an Herbal Aroma Bar and Aroma Sachets, Gemstone drinks and more
  • Learn the Meridian Dance


  • Receive the Step-by-Step instructions on how to create your own healing packages for clients that support weekly appointments
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of course

Ida Castain, Esthetician

“This class had so much valuable information! It exceeded my expectations. Linda is the REAL DEAL and has created a program like nothing else out there! This was just what I was looking for as an esthetician.” – Megan Riley, Esthetician, Las Vegas, NV


CHAKRAS MADE SIMPLE – Webinar Recordings (2) (Value $95)

  • Learn about energy and the Chakra system
  • How to speak about energy in a grounded, no-nonsense way


  • A hands-on healing method that melts away stress and reduces anxiety, constant mental chatter, and depression;
  • The nature of energy, how it gets out of balance, and ways to restore balance with simple healing techniques;
  • All about Chakras, their relationship to the subtle energy body, and how their condition affects your daily life;
  • A variety of energy medicines that balance and restore the subtle energy body, including gemstones, herbal remedies, and flower essences;
  • And energy medicine recipes you can make at home.
  • Be part of a private Facebook community


“Without a doubt, I’ve gotten more out of this class than any other class I’ve taken on self-help and providing treatments for clients combined. It was amazing! It’s a course about self-love and love for others and that really came through. Everyone is looking for something to offer their clients that is new, different and makes them feel good. This course gives you the tools to offer all of that to your clients but also to take care of yourself. And, unlike other treatments, with regular practice this has lifelong results!” – Corie Roberts, Esthetician, Fountain Valley, CA


  • The Bertaut Reiki 1 workbook
  • Reiki hand position charts
  • Self-Treatment MP3
  • Barbara’s Yes Prayer (My Reiki master teacher)
  • Formula for a Prayer
  • Energy Medicines – Flower Essence Chart

“It’s been very enlightening. I learned more than anticipated. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know or maybe wasn’t aware of. I feel inspired and ready to start working on myself and others.” – Elvira Luqman, esthetician, Fresno, CA

  • COST:  $1500
  • DATE: January 18, 19, 20, 2020
  • Concord, CA
  • Fly into Oakland Airport.
  • Registration is very limited.

TIMES: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm, Monday 10am – 1pm

PLEASE NOTE:  Programs/Workshops/Webinars are non-refundable but may be transferred to a class or service at a future date. If you have already purchased an Energy Healing Tool Kit or taken the Intro to Energy Healing online training, the cost of these items can be deducted from the cost. Contact Linda at 925-446-6284 or