Got Energy? Feeding Your Inner Rainbow

We think of energy as being physical – the boundless energy of children, nervous energy, and so on – but energy is actually fuel, and your physical self depends on the energy from your subtle energy body. Your vitality, or lack thereof, comes from feeding yourself energetically. What I call feeding your Inner Rainbow. Here's how it works:

Your Chakras collect universal healing energy and distribute it throughout your physical body. This energy radiates from within and surrounds your physical body as your aura. The colors of the aura represent both the health of the physical and subtle energy bodies. A healthy, well fed, aura protects you from external physical and emotional pollutants.

Years of not taking care of yourself depletes you energetically. You leave bits and pieces of your energy behind causing something I call Leaky Aura (shown right). This leaves you susceptible to absorbing unwanted energies from others.

Initially this imbalance may not be apparent on the surface; however, it could lead to long term disease that can eventually reach your physical body – something that is more difficult to reverse. Leaky Aura causes stress, excessive mental chatter, depression, anxiety, and more.

Healing Leaky Aura

When you are full of your own energy, the only energy that can penetrate is conscious spirit energy collected by the Chakras. As you consciously focus on filling your Leaky Aura, you fill the spaces that allow other energies in. Eventually, your aura will more resemble the one pictured to the left.

Your healthy aura protects you from absorbing unwanted energy. The universal healing energy collected by your Chakras comes from nature, positivity, and joy; some simple ways to infuse your Chakras are:

  • A walk in nature

  • A trip to the beach

  • Fun, laughter, and activities you love

  • Items/products infused with spirit energy - EnergyCeuticals - such as Gemstones and Flower Essences

  • Universal healing energy such as Reiki (check out the Bertaut Reiki class schedule.)

  • Products infused with Reiki energy, including Petal Potions Mood Mists

  • Play: puppies, kittens, and toddlers are great sources of healing energy

  • Take a Bertaut Reiki class

Have you noticed how you feel revitalized after time in nature or a good belly laugh? This is color energy. You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, and health. When you are full of color life looks brighter, you have less stress, and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. You look brighter too. People might say to you that you “glow.”

-©Linda Bertaut

Healthy Chakras = Healthy Body

The colors of Nature's rainbow are the same as the colors of your inner rainbow the Chakra system. These energy centers distribute color energy through and around your body. This energy feeds your purpose, innate gifts, talents, and passion for life. Think of Chakras as the organs to your subtle energy body. Most people see the correlation between a healthy spirit and a healthy body; what many people don't realize is that healthy chakras make for a healthy spirit.

We understand that when the organs of your physical body are healthy you have physical health. And...when your Chakras are full of color energy you have energetic health. Because, the energy body feeds the physical body and the physical body feeds the energy body, your overall health is dependent on taking care of both.

Take a look at the organs and systems associated with each of the Chakras. When you feed your inner rainbow with color energy you contribute to the health of your body, mind and spirit.

1st Chakra - located at the tailbone - color red:
Adrenal glands, colon, lymph & skeletal systems, male reproductive organs

2nd Chakra - located below the navel - color orange:
Ovaries, female reproductive organs, spleen, skin, kidneys

3rd Chakra - located at the solar plexus - color yellow:
Pancreas, gall bladder, liver, stomach, Peripheral Nervous System (all the nerves outside of the brain and spine), muscles, diaphragm

4th Chakra - located at the heart - colors green and pink:
Thymus, lymph glands, heart, circulatory and immune systems, lungs, arms, hands

5th Chakra - located at the throat - color blue:
Thyroid, parathyroid, throat, hypothalamus, mouth

6th Chakra - located at the 3rd eye (between the eyebrows) - color indigo:
Pituitary gland, Central Nervous System, cerebellum, left eye, nose, ears

7th Chakra - located at the crown - color violet:
Pineal gland, Central Nervous System, cerebral cortex, and right eye

Notice how when you spend time in the beauty of nature, you feel revitalized? You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, and health. Surrounding yourself with the colors of nature is the best way to feed your inner rainbow – your chakras.

When you are full of color life looks brighter, you don’t have as much stress, and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. You look brighter too. People might say to you that you “glow.” This is color energy. Isn't it time you got your "Glow" on?

- ©Linda Bertaut

Energy Healing Mood Mists

Energy Healing Mood Mists help to lift your spirits and balance your Chakras.

Energy Healing Mood Mists help to lift your spirits and balance your Chakras.

  • Brain Alert for more mental clarity and focus with less mental chatter 
  • Calm & Collecting to calm the nerves, de-stress and be present 
  • Spirit Guides for a better connection to intuitive insights and A-Ha moments

Aromatherapy "Mood Mists" were designed to enhance and improve one's mood instantly. Using the sense of smell, we quickly connect to the brain to affect a change in mood or attitude. Each Mood Mist formula includes a special blend of "Reiki-attuned" essential oils and flower essences that address a specific issue related to a stressful lifestyle...bringing balance to all aspects of the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies.

Essential oils are not synthetic fragrance. They are the volatile oil in plants and flowers also known as plant hormones. When you rub a peppermint leaf between your thumb and forefinger, you are smelling the volatile oil of the plant. Based on the chemistry of these oils they work naturally with our brain chemistry to initiate a physiological change. Examples include the increase of circulation which enhances memory or elevating hormones to improve one's mood.

Flower Essences used in the Mood Mists are not to be confused with Essential Oils. Based on the work of Dr. Bach, in the 1930's, they are considered to be the vibration or "spirit" of the plant.

Imagine sitting in nature surrounded by fragrant flowers. The scent improves your mood and the essence revives your energy or spirit. Combining the two creates an all encompassing healing tool to use daily. They are ideal to use at home and work, during spa treatments or as a way to clear negative energy...on both people and in rooms.

In addition, Mood Mists have been energy-infused with Reiki healing and balancing energy to lift the spirits and create balance. A solubilizer was added as a freshness enhancer and to bind the oil and water together so that each mist has the same potency from beginning to end. See these ingredients at the end.

Improves mental clarity & focus while reducing mental chatter.

4 oz. $22


Brain Alert: - For more mental clarity & focus. Reduces mental chatter. Essential Oils: Rosemary - Stimulating, uplifting, clears the head, stimulate the mind Thyme - Uplifting, increases alertness and energy, relieves mental stress Peppermint - Stimulating, refreshing, uplifting Sage - Reduces stress and fatigue, improves alertness, encourages inner focus Ingredients: Water, Essential Oils; Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Thyme (Thymus Vulg.Geraniol), Peppermint (Mentha Peperita), Sage (Salvia Officinalis).



To calm down, de-stress and be present.

4 oz. $22


Calm & Collecting - To calm the nerves, de-stress and be present Essential Oils: Lavender - Balancing, calming, relaxing, anti-depressant Roman Chamomile - Euphoric, uplifting, enhances restful sleep Rosewood - Eases headaches, anti-depressant, encourages feelings of tranquility Clary Sage - Relaxing, euphoric, good for mental fatigue, calms nervous tension Ingredients: Water, Essential Oils; Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia), Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum Nobile), Rosewood (Aniba Rosaeodora), Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea), (may include fragrance)



For more intuitive insights.

4 oz. $22

Spirit Guides - For more intuitive insights & A-Ha moments Essential Oils: Rose Geranium - Balancing, restoring, uplifting, anti-depressant Frankincense - Calming, balancing, helpful for meditation and inner journeys Sandalwood - Quiets the mind, relaxes the body, aphrodisiac for the soul Rosemary - Uplifting, clears the head, stimulates the mind Ingredients: Water, Essential Oils; Frankincense (Boswellia Carteri), Rose Geranium (Pelargonium Graveoloens), Sandalwood (Santalum Album), Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Solubilizer Ingredients: Anti-oxidants vitamins A, C & E, Polysorbate-20, Polysorbate-80, Butylenes Glycol, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ascrobic Acid, PEG-30, Glycerol Oleate, PEG-8, Citric Acid. Flower Essences; Bach Flower Essence blend. Alcohol (associated with the flower essences only)

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The 7 Chakras Explained

 Each Chakra has its own personality and represents a unique aspect of your essence. When you understand the energy that fuels each Chakra you can see how each one contributes to your Chakraliciousness. Here is a brief overview of how the Chakras work together:

  1. The first Chakra is the most physical and provides you the energy to survive, thrive, and take action to walk your unique path in life.
  2. The second Chakra is an emotional center and provides the ability to create, feel, relate to others, and create your life with passion.
  3. The third Chakra is mental and provides you with the ability to learn, communicate your personal truth, and project your external image to others.
  4. The fourth Chakra connects you to your inner self and to connect to nature’s rhythm, experience “unconditional” love, heartfelt resonance, and have conscious awareness.
  5. The fifth Chakra is your communication center and allows you to accept the many facets that make you unique to express yourself authentically.
  6. The sixth Chakra is your third eye and provides clear vision to see the big picture, how you fit into the picture, and take the steps needed to actualize your vision.
  7. The seventh Chakra is the most etheric energy, allowing you to intuit and receive conscious information to guide you on your path.

When you use the Chakra energy available to you, you act from your whole self; body, mind and spirit:

You receive information from a conscious source (7th Chakra) so you have clear vision to see how you fit into the big picture (6th Chakra). You can then clearly communicate (5th Chakra) your vision from the heart with love and compassion (4th Chakra). You have the will and perseverance (3rd Chakra) to bring your vision into the physical world with creativity and passion (2nd Chakra) so you can take action and walk your unique path in life (1st Chakra).

Stress, anxiety, depression, and constant mental chatter are signs of not utilizing your innate abilities to create your life through intuition and feelings. It is time to move out of your head for the answers and to tap into your intuition and feelings to guide you along your path. -Linda Bertaut

What are Chakras?

The colors in Nature's rainbow are the same as the colors of our inner rainbow, the Chakra system.

copyright Bertaut Beauty

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light.” Aligned in the center of the body near the spinal column, each Chakra is associated with a color, sense, sound, endocrine gland and organs.

The first Chakra has the most physical energy while the seventh has the most etheric energy. As you work your way up from the first chakra to the seventh you have more conscious awareness about who you are and why you are here. Being consistently out of balance in one or more Chakras can affect the health of the physical body’s associated organs. It also affects your mental and emotional health which shows up as stress, anxiety, depression and constant mental chatter.

This is why it is important to feed yourself energetically with practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, spending time in nature and doing things you love to do in order to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Eastern and indigenous cultures have words to describe this energy as well; the Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese call it Ki, and East Indians call it Prana.

Ever wonder why you have symptoms of an illness before the illness actually shows up? The illness manifests on an energy level first. When you fuel your Chakras/Inner Rainbow with the color energy from nature you help to prevent disease, stress, depression and more. How Chakralicious are you? © Linda Bertaut