Got Energy? Feeding Your Inner Rainbow

We think of energy as being physical – the boundless energy of children, nervous energy, and so on – but energy is actually fuel, and your physical self depends on the energy from your subtle energy body. Your vitality, or lack thereof, comes from feeding yourself energetically. What I call feeding your Inner Rainbow. Here's how it works:

Your Chakras collect universal healing energy and distribute it throughout your physical body. This energy radiates from within and surrounds your physical body as your aura. The colors of the aura represent both the health of the physical and subtle energy bodies. A healthy, well fed, aura protects you from external physical and emotional pollutants.

Years of not taking care of yourself depletes you energetically. You leave bits and pieces of your energy behind causing something I call Leaky Aura (shown right). This leaves you susceptible to absorbing unwanted energies from others.

Initially this imbalance may not be apparent on the surface; however, it could lead to long term disease that can eventually reach your physical body – something that is more difficult to reverse. Leaky Aura causes stress, excessive mental chatter, depression, anxiety, and more.

Healing Leaky Aura

When you are full of your own energy, the only energy that can penetrate is conscious spirit energy collected by the Chakras. As you consciously focus on filling your Leaky Aura, you fill the spaces that allow other energies in. Eventually, your aura will more resemble the one pictured to the left.

Your healthy aura protects you from absorbing unwanted energy. The universal healing energy collected by your Chakras comes from nature, positivity, and joy; some simple ways to infuse your Chakras are:

  • A walk in nature

  • A trip to the beach

  • Fun, laughter, and activities you love

  • Items/products infused with spirit energy - EnergyCeuticals - such as Gemstones and Flower Essences

  • Universal healing energy such as Reiki (check out the Bertaut Reiki class schedule.)

  • Products infused with Reiki energy, including Petal Potions Mood Mists

  • Play: puppies, kittens, and toddlers are great sources of healing energy

  • Take a Bertaut Reiki class

Have you noticed how you feel revitalized after time in nature or a good belly laugh? This is color energy. You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, and health. When you are full of color life looks brighter, you have less stress, and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. You look brighter too. People might say to you that you “glow.”

-©Linda Bertaut

Healthy Chakras = Healthy Body

The colors of Nature's rainbow are the same as the colors of your inner rainbow the Chakra system. These energy centers distribute color energy through and around your body. This energy feeds your purpose, innate gifts, talents, and passion for life. Think of Chakras as the organs to your subtle energy body. Most people see the correlation between a healthy spirit and a healthy body; what many people don't realize is that healthy chakras make for a healthy spirit.

We understand that when the organs of your physical body are healthy you have physical health. And...when your Chakras are full of color energy you have energetic health. Because, the energy body feeds the physical body and the physical body feeds the energy body, your overall health is dependent on taking care of both.

Take a look at the organs and systems associated with each of the Chakras. When you feed your inner rainbow with color energy you contribute to the health of your body, mind and spirit.

1st Chakra - located at the tailbone - color red:
Adrenal glands, colon, lymph & skeletal systems, male reproductive organs

2nd Chakra - located below the navel - color orange:
Ovaries, female reproductive organs, spleen, skin, kidneys

3rd Chakra - located at the solar plexus - color yellow:
Pancreas, gall bladder, liver, stomach, Peripheral Nervous System (all the nerves outside of the brain and spine), muscles, diaphragm

4th Chakra - located at the heart - colors green and pink:
Thymus, lymph glands, heart, circulatory and immune systems, lungs, arms, hands

5th Chakra - located at the throat - color blue:
Thyroid, parathyroid, throat, hypothalamus, mouth

6th Chakra - located at the 3rd eye (between the eyebrows) - color indigo:
Pituitary gland, Central Nervous System, cerebellum, left eye, nose, ears

7th Chakra - located at the crown - color violet:
Pineal gland, Central Nervous System, cerebral cortex, and right eye

Notice how when you spend time in the beauty of nature, you feel revitalized? You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, and health. Surrounding yourself with the colors of nature is the best way to feed your inner rainbow – your chakras.

When you are full of color life looks brighter, you don’t have as much stress, and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. You look brighter too. People might say to you that you “glow.” This is color energy. Isn't it time you got your "Glow" on?

- ©Linda Bertaut

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If you are interested in reviewing or participating in my class/es. While this class is designed for licensed beauty professionals, anyone may attend. I believe that the more we heal ourselves the quicker we heal our lives and the planet. Change the world with your healing hands! Linda Bertaut

The 7 Chakras Explained

 Each Chakra has its own personality and represents a unique aspect of your essence. When you understand the energy that fuels each Chakra you can see how each one contributes to your Chakraliciousness. Here is a brief overview of how the Chakras work together:

  1. The first Chakra is the most physical and provides you the energy to survive, thrive, and take action to walk your unique path in life.
  2. The second Chakra is an emotional center and provides the ability to create, feel, relate to others, and create your life with passion.
  3. The third Chakra is mental and provides you with the ability to learn, communicate your personal truth, and project your external image to others.
  4. The fourth Chakra connects you to your inner self and to connect to nature’s rhythm, experience “unconditional” love, heartfelt resonance, and have conscious awareness.
  5. The fifth Chakra is your communication center and allows you to accept the many facets that make you unique to express yourself authentically.
  6. The sixth Chakra is your third eye and provides clear vision to see the big picture, how you fit into the picture, and take the steps needed to actualize your vision.
  7. The seventh Chakra is the most etheric energy, allowing you to intuit and receive conscious information to guide you on your path.

When you use the Chakra energy available to you, you act from your whole self; body, mind and spirit:

You receive information from a conscious source (7th Chakra) so you have clear vision to see how you fit into the big picture (6th Chakra). You can then clearly communicate (5th Chakra) your vision from the heart with love and compassion (4th Chakra). You have the will and perseverance (3rd Chakra) to bring your vision into the physical world with creativity and passion (2nd Chakra) so you can take action and walk your unique path in life (1st Chakra).

Stress, anxiety, depression, and constant mental chatter are signs of not utilizing your innate abilities to create your life through intuition and feelings. It is time to move out of your head for the answers and to tap into your intuition and feelings to guide you along your path. -Linda Bertaut

What are Chakras?

The colors in Nature's rainbow are the same as the colors of our inner rainbow, the Chakra system.

copyright Bertaut Beauty

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light.” Aligned in the center of the body near the spinal column, each Chakra is associated with a color, sense, sound, endocrine gland and organs.

The first Chakra has the most physical energy while the seventh has the most etheric energy. As you work your way up from the first chakra to the seventh you have more conscious awareness about who you are and why you are here. Being consistently out of balance in one or more Chakras can affect the health of the physical body’s associated organs. It also affects your mental and emotional health which shows up as stress, anxiety, depression and constant mental chatter.

This is why it is important to feed yourself energetically with practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, spending time in nature and doing things you love to do in order to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Eastern and indigenous cultures have words to describe this energy as well; the Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese call it Ki, and East Indians call it Prana.

Ever wonder why you have symptoms of an illness before the illness actually shows up? The illness manifests on an energy level first. When you fuel your Chakras/Inner Rainbow with the color energy from nature you help to prevent disease, stress, depression and more. How Chakralicious are you? © Linda Bertaut

What is Reiki: The Recipe for Health and Beauty


Reiki - Healing Hands

Reiki (pronounced RAY – key); is a balancing and healing energy transmitted through the palms of the hands that lifts your spirits and allows you to come into balance. Beyond relaxation, Reiki calms the emotions and quiets the mind, leaving you with a sense of inner peace and knowing, beyond cognitive thinking.

It is one of the few healing arts that works to balance the entire person—the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each individual. Rei means “universal”, the spirit energy that surrounds and permeates everything and ki means “life-force energy,” your personal life force (spirit) energy that comes from within. Combine these energies and you have a powerful balancing and healing potential.

By learning a simple series of hand positions covering the Chakra system, you can add value to your services and facials. Although Reiki does not include massage manipulations, you can intersperse Reiki hand positions into your current facial massage or offer 30 to 45 minute, mini-wellness treatments using Reiki, acupressure and neck and shoulder massage.


Reiki was developed in the early twentieth century by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese sensei —meaning “teacher”—from Kyoto, Japan. When his students inquired about performing healing treatments with the hands, he is said to have started a quest to rediscover this ancient practice. His travels and research let him to recover the keys to activate and direct universal life-force energy in the sacred Tibetan writings.

From these sources and implementation, he developed the form of Reiki practiced today. Please note that Dr Usui is the original source of Reiki training. Some people have changed his teachings and many people have diluted his teachings so it is important to know which form of Reiki training is being offered and how a particular Reiki master received their training.

The practice of “laying on of hands” has been written about in sacred texts throughout history as a means to bless or invoke healing. All tribal cultures and major religions practiced some form of this healing.

Up until the French Revolution, the kings and queens of France and England used a method of healing touch called “the Divine Touch.” This tradition was gradually lost as the scientific method became the norm. Now, with a resurgence of traditional wellness practices, the benefits of hands-on healing are becoming more and more widespread within the beauty industry. Healing within brings inner beauty to the surface.

Please note: Claiming to be a “healer” of others creates negative credibility in our field and is not within the scope of our practice. While you may offer wellness modalities, you cannot claim to “heal” anyone else. You can only heal yourself and share your personal experience with others. When you heal yourself you become the example that others want to follow.


Everyone has healing energy in their hands. What is the first thing you do when you cut or hurt yourself? You instinctively put your hands on it. This eases the pain and starts the healing process. Reiki elevates your current healing ability to new levels, providing wellness and balance from within. It is a simple and safe way to help yourself and others.

Following is a list of benefits Reiki offers to the body, mind, and spirit:

  • Reiki lifts the spirits and brings balance to all aspects of the body mind, and spirit.
  • Reiki reduces stress and anxiety by quieting mental chatter and calming the emotions so you feel peaceful, centered and rejuvenated.
  • Reiki flows out through the hands, so you do not receive other people’s negative energy.
  • Reiki is safe to use any time on anybody, any time. You can use it on yourself, others, plants, pets, and products.
  • Reiki works to heal the cause of imbalance and eliminate it.
  • Reiki may be combined with other therapeutic and healing techniques.
  • Reiki does not conflict with medical procedures or medication. It may be used to relieve pain and speed up the healing process.
  • Reiki is not a religion and does not conflict with religious beliefs.
  • Used regularly, Reiki helps to lessen the affects of daily stressors and protect you from absorbing unwanted energies.
  • Once you are attuned to Reiki, you are attuned for life.


Reiki involves three levels, or degrees, of energy activation called attunements. Each degree promotes an expanded consciousness and amplifies the universal healing energy beyond the previous level. Reiki attunements are performed by a Reiki master teacher to open and connect a student to universal healing energy on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies. Each attunement provides a clearing of the person’s current energy in order to raise his or her vibration to the next level.


First degree or level 1 Reiki allows for hands-on healing. This includes first-level energy attunements and instructions on how to perform hands-on treatments on yourself and others. With regular use of level 1, unhealthy habits and practices that do not resonate with your new energy level may naturally move out of your life. It is recommended that you wait at least two weeks before receiving your Reiki 2, second-level attunements.


Second degree or level 2 Reiki allows for distance healing. This level amplifies the level 1 Reiki healing energy to a higher degree. This training enables you to provide full-body treatments from a distance. You learn to clear emotional and mental energy as well as physical spaces. Second-degree Reiki has a profound effect on your overall well-being, bringing more balance to the emotional self and body/mind connection. It is recommended that you practice consistently on yourself and wait six months to a year before going to the Reiki master level.


Third degree or Reiki master level allows you to activate others. This level promotes an expanded consciousness and amplifies the universal healing energy beyond the previous level. Master level is for those who have a calling to work on a broader scale of healing and teaching.

At level 3 you are able to attune others to Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3. Once you receive your attunements, the more you practice on yourself the better you will feel and the easier it will be to share your experience and sell this service. Practicing three to four times a week will help you maintain balance daily. When you take time to heal yourself first, you become the example others want to follow.

Occasionally you will find that someone does not respond to your treatment. This is fine; you are only the facilitator and are not responsible for their healing. It is up to each person to heal themselves. You provide the opportunity, and clients either respond to the energy or they do not.


If you are interested in offering Reiki treatments to clients, you must have proper Reiki training by a certified Reiki master teacher. Because energy work is very intimate, select a teacher who makes you feel comfortable. This person will be your mentor, and you want to feel safe going to them when you have questions.

Once attuned, you will be energetically connected to this person for life. Money should not be the key factor in choosing your teacher. More important is the teacher’s character and experience in teaching Reiki.

Following are some important questions to ask: 

  • Is your Reiki master a good example of his or her work, both inside and out?
  • Does this person practice Reiki regularly on himself or herself?
  • How much teaching has this person done?
  • Does he or she specialize in teaching a certain target market?
  • How long did this teacher take for his or her progression to Reiki master?

Remember that it takes at least two weeks between attunements to acclimate to your new energy level. It is preferable to find a teacher who has followed and teaches by these guidelines as well. Although weekend courses have become available in the recent past, attuning people in two or three of the levels without waiting in between is contrary to Dr Usui’s teachings.

Beware of teachers who claim their Reiki is “better” or the “authentic” Reiki. Dr. Usui was the original source for Reiki training. When you are accessing universal life-force energy, you cannot improve on this energy—there is no “better.” Someone who is trying to convince you that his or her way is better is coming from linear, left-brain programming and not the original Usui teachings.

Message from Linda:

I have been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and teaching Reiki to beauty professionals since 2001. I originally used Reiki to heal myself from depression. After 9/11 I saw our country in a state of mass depression and realized I had the knowledge and ability to help people heal. That is when I received my “calling” to teach Reiki to fellow estheticians and to pass this healing energy to our clients by adding wellness therapies to our menu of services.

I changed my focus from make-up and image to wellness, and incorporate the healing from within work I have always done in my image business. In 2007 I wrote chapter 22 on Wellness Therapies in the Milady Advanced Esthetic textbook. They just came out with the 2nd edition of this book earlier this year; pictured. It has been an exciting and rewarding decade. Feel free to contact me with questions about Reiki. I offer individual and group training for all 3 levels of Reiki customized for our industry.

You will learn about the following:

  1. What is Reiki
  2. Origins and Benefits of Reiki
  3. How does “Energy” work
  4. The Chakra system simplified for daily life
  5. Hand positions for self
  6. Hand positions for others
  7. Mini-Treatments and Facial hand positions
  8. Practice on yourself and others
  9. How to speak about and incorporate Reiki into your practice

The class includes my Reiki workbook, attunements, Reiki 1 Self Treatment CD, Reiki 1 Training DVD, and certificate upon completion. Rates for Reiki 1 – coming to me in Northern CA: $250 for individual training $195 for 2 or more per class Outside of northern CA please include travel expenses and we can discuss the minimum attendee requirement.

I am currently working on an online, video program at a reduced price for those who are not able to meet me in northern or southern CA. Please let me know if you are interested in this option. Attunements may be done at a distance.

Chakraliciously yours, Linda Bertaut 626-405-0424

Welcome to Chakralicious!

We have something uniquely common with Nature...we share the same color energy. The colors in Nature’s Rainbow are the same colors within your inner rainbow - the Chakra system. Notice how when you spend time in the beauty of Nature, you feel revitalized?

You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, health and more. When you are full of color life looks brighter, you don’t get stressed and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. People might say that you “glow”. This is color energy.

Chakralicious brings Nature’s energy to you in the form of recipes, products and workshops to Feed Your Inner Rainbow and Live Your life in Full Color. Start by taking our quiz… How Chakralicious are you? Find out the condition of your “inner rainbow” by taking 2 minutes to take the Leaky Aura Quiz