Healthy Chakras = Healthy Body

The colors of Nature's rainbow are the same as the colors of your inner rainbow the Chakra system. These energy centers distribute color energy through and around your body. This energy feeds your purpose, innate gifts, talents, and passion for life. Think of Chakras as the organs to your subtle energy body. Most people see the correlation between a healthy spirit and a healthy body; what many people don't realize is that healthy chakras make for a healthy spirit.

We understand that when the organs of your physical body are healthy you have physical health. And...when your Chakras are full of color energy you have energetic health. Because, the energy body feeds the physical body and the physical body feeds the energy body, your overall health is dependent on taking care of both.

Take a look at the organs and systems associated with each of the Chakras. When you feed your inner rainbow with color energy you contribute to the health of your body, mind and spirit.

1st Chakra - located at the tailbone - color red:
Adrenal glands, colon, lymph & skeletal systems, male reproductive organs

2nd Chakra - located below the navel - color orange:
Ovaries, female reproductive organs, spleen, skin, kidneys

3rd Chakra - located at the solar plexus - color yellow:
Pancreas, gall bladder, liver, stomach, Peripheral Nervous System (all the nerves outside of the brain and spine), muscles, diaphragm

4th Chakra - located at the heart - colors green and pink:
Thymus, lymph glands, heart, circulatory and immune systems, lungs, arms, hands

5th Chakra - located at the throat - color blue:
Thyroid, parathyroid, throat, hypothalamus, mouth

6th Chakra - located at the 3rd eye (between the eyebrows) - color indigo:
Pituitary gland, Central Nervous System, cerebellum, left eye, nose, ears

7th Chakra - located at the crown - color violet:
Pineal gland, Central Nervous System, cerebral cortex, and right eye

Notice how when you spend time in the beauty of nature, you feel revitalized? You are full of Color… which translates to energy, vitality, and health. Surrounding yourself with the colors of nature is the best way to feed your inner rainbow – your chakras.

When you are full of color life looks brighter, you don’t have as much stress, and you are able to accomplish more of what is important to you. You look brighter too. People might say to you that you “glow.” This is color energy. Isn't it time you got your "Glow" on?

- ©Linda Bertaut

Meet me in Las Vegas for IECSC & Bertaut Reiki Classes!

IECSC Las Vegas banner I'll be in Las Vegas from Thursday, June 19th until Friday June 27th to participate in the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference and to teach 2 Bertaut Reiki classes.

For those of you who are licensed professionals in the beauty industry…I will be speaking and exhibiting (BOOTH #362) at the IECSC show from Saturday, June 21st through Monday, June 23rd, 2014.

Here are the presentation details:

We will be at BOOTH #362 – I would love to see you…stop by for a hug and some good energy! We are introducing 2 new Energy Healing packages with exclusive access to online How-To videos. This way you can take me home with you! I want you to be able to do what I do....with your clients. It is really not that difficult with a little practice.

Energy Healing Kit

Energy Healing Package

PLUS…we will be performing Energy Make-overs (reading your Chakras followed by a Reiki treatment) geared to beauty professionals, so in only 15 – 30 minutes you’ll know how powerful Reiki can be and how you can use it with your clients. (Chakra readings $15 / 20 min, Reiki treatment $20 OR get both for $30)

So stop by Booth #362 and visit...We look forward to seeing you there! Please contact me directly at 626-405-0424 or If you are a Bertaut Reiki grad and want to help in the booth by giving 20 minute Reiki treatments to attendees (I pay commission for this) CLICK HERE

If you are interested in reviewing or participating in my class/es. While this class is designed for licensed beauty professionals, anyone may attend. I believe that the more we heal ourselves the quicker we heal our lives and the planet. Change the world with your healing hands! Linda Bertaut

Int’l Esthetic, Cosmetic & Spa Conference

I have been an esthetician since 1987; meaning I am "licensed to touch" and transform clients with services such as facials, waxing and make-up. Although I have used my license mainly to teach make-up, image and wellness therapies, I enjoy being a part of this industry. We really care about people "inside and out" as true beauty starts within.

When I began my career in beauty, estheticians didn't have a large presence. We were found at a few booths at the large "Hair Shows." Over time, the pioneers in our industry started educating and investing in our future. We now have numerous trade shows just for estheticians. Each year these trade shows allow us to receive advanced education, see new products and learn what is new in the industry.

For the past few years I have been exhibiting and speaking so I don't have time to get around the show like I used to. There is a certain adrenaline rush about these shows that I love. It is intense and action packed for the 2 - 3 days of the show...not to mention the prep work needed before and after the show.

This year I traveled to NYC in April and Las Vegas in June. After the shows, I rejuvenate at home with David, spending time in the garden, reading and watching movies.

Here are pics from the shows and my presentation topics:

  1. Simple Spa Pleasures: Small Investments that Create a Big an excerpt from my retreats and Mini-Wellness Treatments class where I teach how to create an Herbal Aroma Bar, make gemstone drinks, Herbal teas and more.
  2. Chakra Personality Types: Turn Your Client’s Motivation into Repeat Business...where I shared how to match spa services and products to appeal to each personality type.
  3. Romancing the Gemstone...was a hands-on class teaching participants how to select, tune into and perform gemstone treatments on others. There is nothing quite like being surrounded and covered by gemstones.

Gemstone treatment surrounded by colorful gems

If you attended one of my classes or visited our booth at the shows please share your experience!

Chakralicious Booth Display

Pendulums, pendulum necklaces, gemstone kits, gemstone cards, books and cd's are all popular at the shows. I help estheticians enhance their treatments with wellness therapies from Nature. This is what I call Chakralicious. Fill yourself with the color energy from Nature and you enhance your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The Chakralicious team in NY

My wonderful team!


The calm before the show...

Gemstones, pendulums and cards...oh my!

Gemstones have become very popular and they are a lot like puppies...they choose you. When you can't stop looking at a gemstone because it is calling out to wants you to take it home.

Las Vegas Trade Show Floor

The largest show in the industry. A special thanks to my team who helped at the shows: Millie Reynoso, Tonia Weakland, Krista McKowen, Barbara Montgomery, and Stephenia Motton (We forgot to take a team picture in Las Vegas)

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