Energy Quiz

Are your choices zapping your energy? Find out the condition of your energetic health by taking this quiz:

Add up your points based on the following then scroll down for the answers.

Rarely = 0
Sometimes = 1 point each
Usually = 2 points each
Always = 3 points each

Welcome to your Energy Quiz

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Do you feel emotionally, mentally or energetically drained after working with/on clients?

Do you take care of others before taking care of your own needs?

Do you consistently work more than eight hours a day or five days a week?

Do you alter who you are in order to fit into your work environment, social groups or family?

Do you have relationships that drain you?

Do you consume one or more of the following on a regular basis?

  1. Fast Food
  2. Alcohol
  3. Smoking
  4. Prescription or Recreational Drugs

Do you say “yes” when you would really like to say no?

Do you suffer from lack of sleep?

Do you live a stressful life?

1 – 9 Self Directed – Your focus is on knowing yourself and taking care of your needs to accomplish what you want. You have a strong sense of self and are able to separate who you are from who others want you to be. Protecting yourself from unwanted energies and maintaining your identity, you keep your Aura healthy and have a strong sense of purpose and direction in life. The lower you scored in this category (0 – 4) the more likely you are to isolate yourself from others. This leads to a disconnect from emotional and intuitive aspects that make life more fulfilling. Find ways to set boundaries without shutting yourself out from the world.

10 – 18 Other Directed – Your focus is on others and not yourself. You tend to be a people pleaser. This is fine as long as you are taking care of your wants and needs at the same time. Much of the time you do so at your own expense. You are torn between what you feel and what you think you should do to please others. As a result, you are on the verge of losing yourself. The best way to help others is to know and help yourself first. Then you become the example that inspires others to improve their lives. Start choosing where you want to spend your time and limit your personal resources to you and the things you love most. As you re-energize you will feel more directed and connected to a sense of purpose.

19 - 27 Social Directed – Your focus is on doing what you have learned based on your social environment. There isn’t much time if any to focus on who you are and what you need as you are taking care of everything around you. Energetically, you are in an emergency state. You are most likely operating on auto pilot in order to get everything done. It is important to take action now as your depleted energy can lead to mental, emotional and physical distress. Learn to set boundaries by saying “no” and find ways to rejuvenate yourself on a daily and weekly basis. The more you do now the less damage control you will have to do later.

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