Planting Seeds for a New Way of Being

A movement is happening. It is stirring from within the heart and calling people forth on a new path. Because this shift is subtle, many don’t quite know what is occurring. They just know that it is. No longer is it satisfying to go through the motions as though everything is okay. No longer is it fulfilling to do work where the main, or only goal is to make money. As you go through your day doing all the right things, you might be noticing that something is missing.  

The underlying cause of this dissatisfaction, is that we have been taught to not be ourselves in order to fit in, to get benefits, or simply to survive. Many of our social belief-sets that we learned as a child, do not resonate with our true essence and who we are now. Stress, anxiety and even depression are symptoms of not being true to yourself. They are signs of an out-of-balance state in one or more of the physical, mental, emotional or spirit bodies.

This shift is being led by Bringers of the Heart, people who are planting seeds for more love and acceptance. With an air of encouragement and knowing, you feel safe and even healed, in their presence. Clients and beauty professionals alike are seeking more meaning and purpose in life. This presents an opportunity for estheticians who are feeling called to offer healing modalities in their practice. Many beauty professionals are helping to create this new heart-based reality through their business.

Read stories of Transformative Esthetic students who bring more love and acceptance into the world through their lives and businesses. 


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