Planting Seeds for a New Way of Being

“Don’t compare yourself to others. We all have our innate gifts that we give in our treatments. Just do the work and trust.”  Laura Edwards, Laura’s Skin Care and More, Fair Oaks, CA

A movement is happening and is being led by Bringers of the Heart, people who are planting seeds for more love and acceptance. Clients and beauty professionals alike are seeking more meaning and purpose in life. This presents an opportunity for estheticians who are feeling called to offer healing modalities in their practice. Beauty professionals are offering healing modalities to help create this new heart-based reality through their business.

Read stories of Transformative Esthetic students who bring more love and acceptance into the world through their lives and businesses. Linda’s student Laura Edwards shares her Bringer of the Heart experience:

"I have always been sheepish and shy about saying that I’m a healer. And now, with having learned Transformative Esthetics with Reiki 1 and 2, I have the clarity and confidence to say that I am a healer. If I had any advice for other healers in the beauty industry, it would be “Don’t compare yourself to others. We all have our innate gifts that we give in our treatments. Just do the work and trust.”

When I do the Reiki treatment, I feel so in awe—the only expectation I have is that I know my clients are going to be 100% balanced. The experience is different from client to client, and I feel joyful and excited to hear about what their experience was. I joke that it’s like magic, but no, it’s intentional, vibrational energy healing work. It’s beautiful.

Since learning to practice Reiki, I have added Reiki to my business, with great success. My clients rebook for it. They are talking about the benefits of this treatment. They’re buying gift certificates for friends. That is a measure of success for me. Clients are seeing the difference, they’re feeling the difference, and they want more, and I’m happy to give.

On a personal level, since taking the class I feel more confident in my gift, in my abilities as an esthetician. I feel as though it has helped me be clear about what my path is, which is to do healing work. I used to sit on my feelings because confrontation wouldn’t be something I would be comfortable doing. Even if it’s just a very simple no, I don’t want to make them mad, I don’t want to lose love. Now I don’t worry about losing love because I’m also loving myself by speaking my truth and my peace, and being compassionate. And knowing that it’s okay if there’s love lost—it just means it wasn’t there in the beginning. I don’t worry about that anymore.  

Linda is the most amazing and gifted Reiki Master. I had training 8 years ago that fell flat with me. I had taken it with a practitioner who taught it in a massage therapy school. I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt flabbergasted by it—how do I incorporate it? Linda’s teaching was different—it resonated with me at such a gut level. It was like “Yes, yes, this is what I wanted.”  The way that she teaches Reiki to practice it in an esthetic practice was key.  But, still, her teaching is so much more. She gave us tangibles, she gave us very particular movements and treatments, and additional information, like the meridian dance, the Chakra personalities. It was so rich and so full, I tell everyone about her."

Melt away stress and worries in one of Laura’s Reiki healing treatments at her spa located in Fair Oaks, CA next to Sacramento. You will walk out glowing both inside and out!

Are you a Bringer of the Heart who is ready to embrace and use your healing abilities in your life and work? Gain the confidence to understand and integrate your unique healing abilities into a proven healing system in one of my 2-day Transformative Esthetics with Reiki Level 1 courses. Take the next class: July 22 and 23rd, 2017, in Concord, California OR September 17 and 18th in Torrance, CA.

Can’t join us in person? Register for the next Online Course starting Tuesday, June 13th, 2017: Transformative Esthetics with Reiki 1 webinar series and membership program.

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