Planting Seeds for a New Way of Being

“Become the best at what you really love.” Amy Wall, Love Amy Signature Skin Care, Mendocino CA

A movement is happening and is being led by Bringers of the Heart, people who are planting seeds for more love and acceptance. Clients and beauty professionals alike are seeking more meaning and purpose in life. This presents an opportunity for estheticians who are feeling called to offer healing modalities in their practice. Beauty professionals are helping to create this new heart-based reality through their business.

Read stories of Transformative Esthetic students who bring more love and acceptance into the world through their lives and businesses. Linda’s student Amy Wall shares her Bringer of the Heart experience:

“A year ago, I was at a real crossroads with my business brand and the type of work I was doing. As Mendocino Beauty, I offered facials, waxing and make-up, like everyone else. So what made me stand out…nothing. I wanted to shift away from this focus on outer appearance, on anti-aging in order to look younger.

Since taking my Transformative Esthetics certification and practicing Reiki on myself I’m feeling more confident doing what my heart is telling me. I’m more authentic with my clients. I encourage clients to love themselves from the inside-out. My most important intention is that they find the sparkle in their own eyes when they look in the mirror. I create rituals rather than a regimen and skin care becomes self-love.

I do Reiki, almost every morning on myself, as I'm waking up. The biggest thing I've realized is just how sensitive I am. That I have a gift. Reiki has taught me that it starts with me, that I am the example and have to be practicing it myself. I love the formula for a prayer that I learned in Linda’s class. I pre-pave my day where I visualize how I want the day to go and I put all of that in the prayer. I give thanks in advance for the day and being of service to my clients.

I changed my business name to Love Amy, Signature Skin Care and started specializing in just one type of facial, Ageless Radiance. Radiance comes from the inside; a light that shines from within you. Once I shifted to beautiful-aging I became known as being the best in the area. All the top clients started coming to me in droves and then I won The Skin Games, Esthetician of the Year Award.

Because I now know who I am and what I am offering, I am charging what I am worth and not giving out discounts. I honor myself by putting myself first. If I’m not able to pay my bills, by giving deals away, then that’s out of integrity. I am more accepting of the person that I am. Each day I am able to be more in the present. I am calmer, less critical of myself and therefore I am less critical of other people. My client relationships have improved because they walk out of their facial with something they didn’t expect…a healing. My clients really love me and I love them.

Become the best at what you really love. Have integrity by being true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to express what is in your heart. There is so much opportunity to be a healer. Reiki has helped me tune into the subtleties of energy and realize that there is so much magic in the world.”

Learn about the transformative options Amy has created for her clients at her new website.

Are you a Bringer of the Heart who is ready to embrace and use your healing abilities in your life and work? Gain the confidence to understand and integrate your unique healing abilities into a proven healing system in one of my 2-day Transformative Esthetics with Reiki Level 1 courses. Take the next class: July 22 and 23rd, 2017, in Concord, California OR September 17 and 18th in Torrance, CA.

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