Planting seeds for a new way of being...

A movement is happening and is being led by Bringers of the Heart, people who are planting seeds for more love and acceptance. Clients and beauty professionals alike are seeking more meaning and purpose in life. This presents an opportunity for estheticians who are feeling called to offer healing modalities in their practice. Beauty professionals are offering healing modalities to help create this new heart-based reality through their business.

Read stories of Transformative Esthetic students who bring more love and acceptance into the world through their lives and businesses. Linda’s student Lisa Caputo shares her Bringer of the Heart experience:

"Since taking the Reiki training and the Heal the Healer program, I’ve been developing more meaningful relationships and creating deeply impressionable moments. I've learned & I teach that a calm presence connects you to the moment, to yourself, your awareness, & to others. As a result, you don't feel scattered & distracted. And, when there is peace you're able to discover the beauty and joy in your surroundings and with others. In the end you find gratitude for having been present to fully be submerged in your experience. And that builds a life of meaning.

Like Linda’s self-guided meditation suggests, I frequently "call back my energy from places I may have left it throughout the day."  It helps to collect myself, ground and calm me. I'm clearer in what I do and don't want in my life; hold onto the good, let go of the bad. My heart feels full.

Reiki reminds me to check in with my intuition/ heart/ gut-feelings. If it doesn't feel good, I don't get involved or engage. I avoid drowning with, or taking on the energy of "life suckers". I love providing a safe, relaxing sanctuary for my clients to strip away their exterior shell, bare their souls, & rejuvenate their spirit. It's a beautiful ripple-effect; when one feels good, they embrace good, attract good, & do good."

Experience the healthy approach to beautiful that goes beyond skin deep with Lisa’s Transformative Aesthetic & Reiki treatments at her Face Value Skin Care Studio located in, Mountain View, CA. You will walk out glowing both inside and out!

Are you a Bringer of the Heart who is ready to embrace and use your healing abilities in your life and work? Gain the confidence to understand and integrate your unique healing abilities into a proven healing system in one of my 2-day Transformative Esthetics with Reiki Level 1 courses. Take the next class: July 22 and 23rd, 2017, in Concord, California OR September 17 and 18th in Torrance, CA.

Can’t join us in person? Register for the next Online Course starting Tuesday, June 13th, 2017: Transformative Esthetics with Reiki 1 webinar series and membership program.

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