"Linda is the most amazing and gifted Reiki Master. I had training 8 years ago that fell flat with me. I had taken it with a practitioner who taught it in a massage therapy school. I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt flabbergasted by it—how do I incorporate it? Linda’s teaching was different—it resonated with me at such a gut level. It was like “Yes, yes, this is what I wanted.”  The way that she teaches Reiki to practice it in an esthetic practice was key.  But, still, her teaching is so much more. She gave us tangibles, she gave us very particular movements and treatments, and additional information, like the meridian dance, the Chakra personalities. It was so rich and so full, I tell everyone about her."  Laura Edwards, owner Laura's Skin Care and More, Fair Oaks, CA 

"Thank you Linda for coming into my life and teaching me how to heal through Reiki! Since I have started this program, I feel as though I am blossoming into the person I am meant to be and loving myself more than ever! I am continuing to do self-Reiki treatments everyday possible, and truly feel the difference in my spirit, mind and body! I feel grounded, less anxious, motivated to be true to myself and have willingly decreased self-destructive behavior!! This is by far the best decision I have ever made and I thank you Linda for guiding me down a better path, my unique path! I feel the love" ♥️  Holly Fitzsimmons

"Absolutely the most comprehensive skincare class that incorporates Reiki and energy healing. I learned new protocols and treatments, but most importantly, clarity on my future path. Linda is thorough and does everything and anything to make sure every student is complete by the time class is complete."  Cheri Petroni, owner Oasis to Zen, Las Vegas, NV

"Fully loaded! Intensive, Loved it! So very informational with comprehensive info regarding not only Reiki, gemstones, how to use a pendulum and more. I loved Linda’s depth of knowledge and experience that she imparted on us. She has so much passion and knowledge about Reiki. My first experience with a Reiki class at a massage school – fell flat in comparison to Linda’s juicy teachings!"  Laura Edwards, Laura’s Skin Care & Make-Up, Carmichael, CA

"Without a doubt, I’ve gotten more out of this class than any other class I’ve taken on self-help and providing treatments for clients combined. It was amazing! It’s a course about self-love and love for others and that really came through. Everyone is looking for something to offer their clients that is new, different and makes them feel good. This course gives you the tools to offer all of that to your clients but also to take care of yourself. And, unlike other treatments, with regular practice this has lifelong results!"  Corie Roberts, Esthetician, Fountain Valley, CA

"It’s been very enlightening. I learned more than anticipated. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know or maybe wasn’t aware of. I feel inspired and ready to start working on myself and others."  Elvira Luqman, esthetician, Fresno, CA

“Very well put together and thought out. Very well worth my time, energy and dollars. Linda is very supportive. Very detailed with step-by-step instructions, which I love. Loved connecting with others in the class and knowing there are like-minded people out there. I feel I am on the right track and also feel more a sense of peace and happiness.” Teri Kotantoulas, esthetician, owner of Face to Face Esthetics, Highlands Ranch, CO


“Loved it! I feel I learned very valuable information that I can use for the rest of my life. I like the peaceful energy and tranquility that comes from Reiki treatments. Linda is very knowledgeable and takes the time explaining each area so everyone understands what they are learning.” Karla Ramirez, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“I loved the entire class. The presentation was very inspiring and educational. I benefited from this class in many ways. I feel more at peace and more knowledgeable of what Reiki is.”  Megan Wilks, esthetician – Henderson, NV


“The impact of our class is “sinking in” more each day. Wow! It was life changing and an incredible experience under your compassionate and wise leadership. Thank you for expertly guiding my journey.”  Mary Reeves, esthetician – Ladera Ranch, CA


“I loved it. If you want to learn about yourself and help yourself to have a more balanced life you must take this class. Reiki 1 is very relaxing and empowering. I love the energy of Linda.”  Muriel Crimi, esthetician – Lake Balboa, CA


“Reiki 1 exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad I came to the class. I enjoyed the entire class. I came in feeling stressed out and now I am relaxed, at peace and happy. Linda is amazing? She is a pioneer in incorporating energy healing and esthetics.”  Norma Bauchman, San Pedro, CA


“Everything was great…It was an overall wonderful experience. I liked everything. The mood, the people, the music. Loved how Linda walked us through everything and explained why it’s that way. Like a beam of light, Linda is someone you want to know. A great teacher!!!”  Drew Kim Burton, esthetician – Cerritos, CA


“Reiki 1 is a wake-up call. Linda helped me establish what was missing with Reiki.”  Maria Melina Elizalde, CMT – Mesquite, NV


“I enjoyed the class very much. The greatest benefit I gained was relaxation and becoming more in tune with myself. Linda is very knowledgeable, intuitive and makes everyone feel comfortable.”  Cheri Solorio, esthetician – San Jose, CA


“Amazing! Well presented. Linda is extremely present for her participants. She truly makes all the difference. Now that the industry is leaning towards more emphasis of wellness, this just falls into place.” Stephanie O’Grady, esthetician/educator – Los Angeles, CA


“Reiki 1 was a truly amazing experience, that put me at ease with the rest of my classmates. Linda’s passion is heartfelt. I can better understand what brought her to choose her path, which allows me to understand myself as well. She is very easy going and intuitive. I couldn’t ask for a better Reiki teacher.”  Jheramie Garcia, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“Beyond expectations. Linda gives you the tools to make the ancient practice of Reiki applicable to today’s modern life and how to present and market it so that your customers can benefit from it. Class was very interactive and practical.”  La-Verne Benjamin, esthetician – La Mesa, CA


“The energy in the class was wonderful. I think Linda is amazing and very willing to share her knowledge with others.”  Linda Prida, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“Very informative – FUN! Everything was so good. Linda is fabulous! A great teacher, she makes you feel special and you learn so much. " Christine Glynn, Manicurist – Brentwood, CA


"Linda is magnetically electrifying. I loved the whole experience. I will definitely incorporate Reiki into my daily life."  Kim Paulson, esthetics student


"I have nothing but positive feedback! Reiki 1 is an amazing class and healing tool. The information I received from Linda was definitely life changing."  Karen Lange, esthetics student


"This class exceeded my expectations. It was amazing! I'm excited to utilize the information I received from this class."  Marcella Comstock, esthetics student


"I enjoyed the class overall - I wish we could have gone on some more." -Lynn Morita, Former Cosmetology Instructor


"Excellent! I liked it all. The class gave me tools to understand myself better."  Rachel Gaeta, Esthetics/Spa Instructor


"Very interesting, informative, organized and comprehensive. Worth the time and the money. I feel more in balance and have a clearer direction in general."  Michelle Nsairy, esthetics student


"Linda presented the information in an engaging and fluid manner. She is compelling and commanding of your attention and interest. She is able to put a lot of modalities together with ease and is an incredible example to those of us going into the skin care field. It gave me a true "ah ha" for ways to put my own packages together and set myself apart."  Jenn Rosenfeld, esthetics student


"It was amazing. Very insightful. Her energy makes you feel like a wonderful being - you just want to learn more."  Cody Lynn, CMT


"It was a wonderful class - well organized and very informative. It was wonderful to experience a physical, emotional and spiritual shift in myself and to be at peace."  Elisa Gong, esthetics student


"I have learned so much from Linda. I have really taken to heart the spiritual guidance I've received. It has been life altering. My path seems much clearer now."  Tonia Weakland, esthetician, CMT


"Linda is articulate and knowledgeable about Reiki. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants balance - emotionally, spiritually and mentally."  Anna Balmori, Sheraton Palace Hotel


"My overall impression was a feeling of peace and healing. It was worth every cent! I look forward to practicing the gift of Reiki."  Sally Marrott, esthetician


"The class is informative, very beneficial. Breaks down energy work into a tangible form."  Cian Xanos, esthetician


"The energy I received was amazing - learning more about energy, all the healing aspects and how I can use it to help others."  Regina Pelayo, Esthetics Instructor


"Linda presents Reiki in such a way that will leave you feeling uplifted with a sense of well being and balance. Each individual being special with their own unique personality traits to offer."  Veronica Gallart, Esthetician "


This class was organized and easy to understand. I liked learning about the chakras. An excellent class for anyone."  Lei Ann Morita


“Great class! I felt loved, relaxed and surrounded with positive energy.” Bita JaFari, esthetician – Los Gatos, CA


“This class helps you to be your best self. It encourages you and give you the tools to find the answers within in a practical way. It sharpens your intuitive wisdom. As usual, this class was great. Informative and practical."  La-Verne Benjamin, esthetician – La Mesa, CA


“I could not find a more loving, giving and spiritual person than Linda…I thank the universe for bringing Linda to me. After Reiki 2 I felt very nurtured, healed and energized…calm and more in tune with myself.” Muriel Crimi, esthetician – Lake Balboa, CA


“What I like about Linda’s classes is that I feel like I receive more benefits than I ever expected. I always like a class with hands-on learning. “ Linda Prida, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“I loved everything! Level 2 has so many benefits. This class was from the heart with beautifully presented material. Linda is a combination of professionalism and loving energy.”  Mary Reeves, esthetician – Ladera Ranch, CA


“Linda is an excellent teacher, I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. Reiki 1 is a spiritual breakthrough and an introduction to self-exploration and enlightenment.”  Kathleen Fleischer, esthetician – San Jose, CA


“Linda is amazing. A very good teacher, very informative, kind and she knows her stuff. Great environment. The presentation was great, easy to follow and put into practice. I felt great when I left.”  Natalie Higgins – Brentwood, CA


“I really enjoyed everything about this class. I like all the “doing” we did. The treatment is uplifting and rejuvenating and something that can bring peace and harmony into your life.”  Michelle Borrero,

esthetician – San Ramon, CA


“I loved this class. I benefitted most from my mini-treatment. The presentation was fun and informative and I would definitely recommend this class to others.”  Cheri Solorio, esthetician – San Jose, CA


“Wonderful! Clearly directed and focused on how to use Reiki in our business.”  Linda Sanchez, esthetician – Concord, CA


“Loved it – came away with a better understanding of how to give treatments that I can actually use in my spa.”  Rebecca Patterson, esthetician – Livermore, CA


“The class was a great instrument for learning how to incorporate Reiki Mini Treatments into your practice. Being in this environment for 2 days really helps to grasp and understanding for Reiki and its benefits…and I think the kink in my neck is gone." Venessa Rocchio, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“Linda is able to explain and teach every student on every level. Being able to give and receive treatments during the class shines the light on the benefits of Reiki.”  Venessa Rocchio, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“This was a really fun and creative class. I really liked the mini-treatment; how it was combined with Reiki, massage and the pressure points. I really liked the sachets, aromatherapy and being able to put the different herbs together and the different tea infusions. The gemstone Mojitos were awesome…very refreshing and looked great once it was made. Linda is very knowledgeable and I love to learn from her.” Jheramie Garcia, esthetician – Las Vegas, NV


“This was a wonderful experience. Reiki is a wonderful way to get rid of stress and overall help heal the body, mind and spirit. I thought this class was wonderful and definitely beneficial to my career.”  Sabrina Hill, esthetician – San Dimas, CA


“Reiki 1 was amazing. I’ve experienced some healing in the past but not to this extent! My pain was eliminated and I can now focus on healing myself and others as well. Linda’s teachings are definitely that of a true master.”  Ellen Bonhomme, Woodland Hills, CA


"My Chakra reading with Linda was fascinating. It gave me a better understanding of how and why I function the way I do. Linda’s reading also provided keen insight to significant people in my life. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to accept and appreciate some relationships for what they are, but also created for me a better awareness for the future." Best regards, Diane Waltersdorf


“Very enjoyable, the information was very clear and concise. The class was more than how you view yourself. Linda teaches you how read others so you can succeed at life within you and life around you.”  Nidia Cullen, esthetician – Concord, CA


“I loved it! This class was very informative and easy to follow.”  Colleen Haddad, esthetician – Elk Grove, CA


“Wonderful! Very informative, fun, presented well and great participation for all who were present. I liked having a better idea of what my personality type is and understanding the Chakras.”  Hina Barron, esthetician – Antelope, CA


“I loved that we learned about the gems and how they help us to balance our energy. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in Holistic Health. This was an intimate experience where you not only connect with yourself and your own energy but with the energy of the class.”  Melissa Salakar, esthetician – San Diego, CA

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