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Chakralicious founder, Linda Bertaut is an author, national speaker, esthetician, Reiki master teacher, and award-winning beauty expert who specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface. Her lifetime passion for performing make-overs led her to the beauty industry over 25 years ago.

What started as make-up and image make-overs evolved into wellness and “Energy Make-Overs” for body, mind and spirit. Known as the beauty industry’s Reiki master teacher, Linda got her calling to teach Reiki after seeing the US in a state of mass depression due to the attacks on 9/11. Linda had healed herself from depression using Reiki and saw the opportunity to lead others through the necessary steps of healing.

She founded Chakralicious and Transformative Esthetics to help clients heal and radiate beauty from within. Her signature treatments and innovative techniques are being used in salons and spas throughout the country. Linda was the chosen expert to write about Wellness Therapies for Estheticians in the Milady Advanced Esthetics Textbook.

Milady Standard Esthetics Avanced Textbook

My Story

I grew up as an only child in a military family. My dad joined the Air Force and I got to see the world. Living in different parts of the country and overseas was the best education I could have received to learn about life and people. As a result, I can strike up a conversation with anyone and being an only child I find interesting ways to occupy my time.

My earliest make-overs were performed on my pets. Here I am at age 4 while living in Hawaii. I made over my cat Blackie in a dress…poor little guy. No wonder he ran away from home at an early age.

First recorded make-over on my cat Blackie

First recorded make-over on my cat Blackie

I loved playing dress up with my childhood dog Lady. She was my best friend and like a sister to me. Although I only have one picture of her with a newspaper hat, I remember using Lady as my model on many occasions. She was with me from the age of 6 to 22. I still miss her to this day.

Lady with her newspaper hat

Lady with her newspaper hat

When I wasn't dressing up my pets, I dressed up myself. I am the one with the parasol and handbag. No baby stroller for me. I guess I knew this at a young age. Playing dress-up in Hawaii.

jewellannlinda1963When everyone else was playing with Barbie, I was playing with Trolls. Barbie came with everything; Ken, Skipper, her dream house and a corvette. She didn’t need me. Trolls had colorful long hair that I envied. They mostly came naked and when they did have clothes, they weren’t anything you would want to be caught alive in. Trolls needed my help.

So one day, I grabbed my mother’s sewing kit and made clothes for my trolls from scraps of fabric and bric-a-brac. You can see why I did not become a clothing designer.

My 60's Troll Collection

My 60's Troll Collection

Troll make-overs My 1960's Troll Collection & Make-Overs

My mother was my first beauty mentor. She was beautiful and very stylish. She loved dressing up and taught me the art of beauty. At age two, when I finally had enough hair, she styled my hair with “pin curls” and give me a curly faux-hawk – picture below. This was my favorite hair-do. Because of my natural curly hair my mother kept my hair short and cut in a Pixie. I hated it. I wanted long straight hair which was so popular at the time. But no amount of straighteners or ironing my hair made the difference. The battle with my hair continued until one day I realized that my mother was right…I still look best in short hair.

07-beautiful-300x298-300x298My mother in Sacramento where I was born

08-baby-pic-1-288x300-288x300She wore pearls and jewelry for her photo op while still at the hospital.

01-all-of-us-300x204-300x204Me (with curly faux hawk) with my mom and dad before moving to Hawaii

Below is the last picture of me with my mother when we lived in Denver, CO. I was 12 years old. My mother suffered from severe depression and ended up taking her own life right after I turned 13. I was devastated. I suffered from my own bouts of depression for many years after her death. The difference was that I chose to live. I did everything I could to heal myself and by the age of 36 was free from the depression that plagued me after her suicide.

11-1970-238x300-238x300My mother and I in 1970

My mother is always in my heart. Her death taught me about life and what makes life worth living. I now help women to discover themselves to have a sense of identity and purpose. As one of my spiritual teachers, Barbara said, The more shit you have had to deal with in your life the more fertilizer you have to grow a beautiful garden. I have survived a lot and discovered that when you take the time to dive into the pain and heal…there is a beautiful garden of life waiting for you on the other side.

Join me in my webinars to gain the confidence to know and BE yourself and to share your healing gifts and talents with others.

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  1. Hi, I just graduated from esthtic school, and would love more information on how to incorporate this into my services. Thank you, and have a blessed day.

  2. Linda, my chakra reading with you was fascinating.  It gave me a better understanding of how and why I function the way I do. The reading also provided keen insight to significant people in my life. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to accept and appreciate some relationships for what they are, but also created for me a better awareness for the future. Thank you so much!


  3. Hi this is the first time on website.  Is there some way to order products?  Also, do you still carry your t-shirts I bought at the show in Las Vegas. I am not really sure how to contact you. Thanks.

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